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A large consulting firm had taken on the challenge of assisting a packaged food company with reorganizing their sales force. This reorganization involved and extensive upgrade in their Siebel System. The goal of the consulting firm was to take the sales force out of a paper based environment into a more technical and systematic approach to business. Siebel provided many solutions for the business that were not being tapped into. Our client was tackling the big picture of the entire roll out and asked us to focus on the training piece.


  • Providing skilled facilitators that were knowledgeable in Siebel systems and could field in-class questions easily.
  • Encouraging the sales force to use the Siebel system. Our trainers not only taught them about the product but also sold them on the idea of “making their job easier”. This was very important for the success of the entire roll out.
  • Creating a training program that would be interactive without destroying data in the live system. The end client wanted to use live data for demonstration purposes to keep the class feeling fresh.
  • Providing consultants that could blend into the background to make it appear as though the work was not outsourced.

Why ESource?

  • We were able to hire the talent that was specific to the project rather than relying on internal employees to learn the system. Our trainers came with experience in multiple Siebel rollouts. They also had experience with the latest module of Siebel.
  • The trainers provided a valuable resource to the already overloaded internal training department in the development of materials. The trainers not only provided a great deal of understanding of the product, but they help in the materials development.
  • We blended with our client to provide a seamless solution for their needs.
  • We are flexible enough to work with any company’s policies and restrictions. We were able to work around not only our client but their clients restrictions on travel and expenses flawlessly


  • The training was successful and well received by the sales force. They began to use Siebel when they returned to their offices.
  • Our client came back to us the following summer to walk through a refresher course with using the same trainers.
  • Our client looked great in the market place.

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