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From Our President

It’s not about us. It’s about what we do for you.

Quantifiable differentiators. You’ll never hear us engage in marketing hyperbole when it comes to talking about what we do for our clients. Words like biggest, oldest, world leader, and so on, just don’t mean all that much to us. And we’re even surer that they don’t mean much to you.

We think about our customers’ needs when we put together a list of reasons to partner with ESource. Consider these:

* ESource provides very competitive pricing - most times, lower than offshore.

* ESource incents superior performance with a $500 quality bonus to its consultants - if they come up with a ‘Perfect Engagement’ rating from you. That means receiving ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’ ratings from you on ALL of our rating criteria - including their technical ability, their performance in your shop, and their ability to work well with your team.

* ESource designs, creates, tracks, reports and bills all State Workforce and Economic Development programs for its clients - that means recovering millions of your training dollars to help fund other projects. Our program guarantee? ‘We don’t get paid unless you receive the funds from the States.’

* ESource provides a contractor-to-hire program for its clients - and after 6 months on billings, the price is ZERO DOLLARS for you to hire that qualified person.

We could go on with the list, but we think you get the idea. Whether you partner with us to build or teach a single class, to help you implement your LMS systems, to outsource an entire business function, or to provide a massive rollout of training like we did for the Department of Defense when they needed to teach EMR to 60,000 of their doctors and nurses, you can be sure that we’re not thinking about hyperboles. We’re thinking about how to do the best possible job for you - and our partnership’s ROI.

Our best possible reference from you will sound something like this: ‘We had no idea how we would fund our new Corporate University with all the budget cuts. ESource came to our rescue by not only doing an outstanding job building and delivering much of the curriculum, but more importantly, by orchestrating millions in multi-State funding for us.’

Quantifiable differentiators - add it to your vocabulary when you partner with ESource.

Yours in Service,

Joe DiDonato
ESource Corporation

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