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ESource offers a unique Fractional Learning Leader consultancy
to assist Executive Leaders with distinctive business challenges.

What is a Fractional Learning Leader?

An experienced learning and development leader working with your organization to solve your learning and development opportunities in an on needed basis.

Why Engage a Fractional Learning Leader?

The work environment has been moving toward a contract/gig approach to staffing. Using a fractional resource provides you flexibility, scalability, continuity, agility, and it’s cost effective.

 What Does the Fractional Learning Leader Offer?

Our Fractional Learning Leaders bring with them experience as CLOs, VPs, and Directors of Learning & Development. They're industry backgrounds include Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and more.

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What the Fractional Learning Leader brings to the table

What companies can benefit | What business challenges can be addressed | How the FARE process works

Who can benefit from a Fractional Learning Leader?

All organizations can benefit, especially those with:

  • No learning & development leadership in place

  • High growth companies/start ups

  • Organizations that need go accelerate change

  • Companies that want to “try before they buy”

  • Organizations with critical resource gaps

  • Teams that are stuck or resistant to change

  • Learning organizations that are newly formed, expanding, or centralizing

What business challenges can a Fractional Learning Leader assist you with?

  • New product or service launches

  • New geographical coverage, whether nationally or internationally

  • LMS and other technology stack consolidations

  • Support into a new vertical industry

  • Creating and staffing a complete Learning & Development function for a new business

  • Filling an interim gap in a senior learning leader position

How will the Fractional Learning Leader engage with you?

Each Fractional Learning Leader follows our FARE process:

  • Familiarize

  • Assess

  • Recommend

  • Execute

This process focuses on getting to know your company culture and opportunities, assessing your learning situation, providing recommended solutions, and ensuring that the L&D function is aligned with the company's strategic initiatives and goals.

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